Global Editing

Cinema Vanta Global Editing (CVGE)

Cinema Vanta strives to provide video editing services  to customers around the world. CVGE offers screened customers a fast, simple, and affordable solution to post-production logistics and costs.

Project communication is conducted online, and customers upload their raw footage, audio, and any complementary media to Cinema Vanta’s cloud storage database. If a customer prefers, Cinema Vanta provides a shipping label, and the customer sends a hardcopy of the media to Cinema Vanta. The project is edited and finalized. Upon approval, Cinema Vanta promptly delivers finalized digital and hardcopy copies of the edited project back to the customer.

CVGE grants customers access to a professional post-production service that drastically undercuts competitors’ pricing. CVGE starts at $20 an hour with a one-time administrative fee $25 (online). For more information and to get started with CVGE please contact us using the in-site contact form or at


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